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Atmosphere Productions: Be A Guest At Your Own Event

Tuesday, April 09, 2013| http://atmosphere-productions-dj.blogspot.com/2013/04/atmosphere-productions-be-guest-at-your.html

We recently discovered a unique planning and production company run by Andrea Adelstein and Claudia Glenn Barasch called NYLUX Events.

NYLUX events is a full service event production company based in NYC specializing in social and corporate events.  We infuse creativity, resources and attention to detail into the design and planning, and ensure your special occasion is both unique and seamless.

Our complete party planning service provides guidance and coordination for all your special occasions.  From our first meeting until post event, we attend to each and every detail, meticulously working closely with our clients to provide them with the unique event that represents their family and their style.  We work within your budget and introduce you to vendors who can execute your vision and deliver.

Our goal is to make you a guest.

We develop long lasting relationships with our clients and we celebrate the highlights of life with them.  From personal milestones to large productions, we make life’s special occasions extraordinary.

Be a guest at your own event by contacting Andrea Adelstein and Claudia Glenn Barasch at NYLUX Events.

Jewish Standard Bar Bat Mitzvah Supplement article

Page 9, Article title: Intivations to strive up the brand

Saturday, February 09, 2013|

The Beauty of Boxed Invitations

Invite your guests to your bash with a sweet package

Monday, February 04, 2013| http://www.thedailymeal.com

In today’s fast-paced electronic world, invitations arrive in many ways. Everything from email to snail mail, evites, text messages, Facebook, or Paperless Post invites are socially acceptable these days.

Send your invite with a surprise—check out these fun boxes!

The art and beauty of an elegant invitation, formally worded and beautifully hand-calligraphed, has gone by the wayside.

Remember that wonderful feeling you got as a child when a package arrived in the mail?

The excitement and anticipation felt while you hurried to pry the box open?

Invitations that arrive in a box evoke the same excitement, and they set the stage as guests anticipate that the party will be unique and filled with surprises; they catch the invitee’s attention.

And it is even better when the package is filled with something sweet.

How to Choose Passed Hors D’oeuvres

Big parties mean serving a surplus of guests — feed their cravings with a roster of passed dishes

Tuesday, January 22, 2013| http://www.thedailymeal.com

Are you throwing a big party? Have you already chosen a caterer?

If so, staring at a long list of hot and cold passed hors d’oeuvres can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what to choose. Luckily, we know the guidelines.

Here are few tips to choose the ideal menu of passed d’oeuvres for your bash:

1. Remember, we eat with our eyes
Size, shape, and texture matter. Each item that comes out should be different and look exciting. Choose one skewer, one toast, one in a shot glass. Arancini are wonderful rice balls, always choose a flatbread, vary color, and don’t be afraid to tell the kitchen that everything shouldn’t come out at once. It’s always more interesting when new foods appear as the cocktail hour progresses.

2. Think of the season
In the winter we want comfort food and in the summer we want to be refreshed, so serve heavier items in the fall and winter (think: risotto) and lighter, cooler items in the spring and summer (think: gazpacho).  And it follows to pick more hot items when it’s cold out and cold items when it’s hot outside. Also, ask what is seasonal and available.

3. Variety is the spice of life
Vegetarian, gluten-free, carnivores — everyone has guests that fall into these categories, so choose an assortment of items. If you have to pick eight options, choose two meat, two vegetarian, two fish, and two others. That way everyone has something to choose from.

4. You are one guest among many
Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t serve it. Menus should take all the guests tastes into account, not just yours.

5. Neatness counts
No one likes to be dripped on — especially in the first hour. Hors d’oeuvres with elaborate sauces sound great, but are impractical. Who wants to be leaning over a cocktail napkin or wiping sauce from his or her chin? Don’t serve items with anything you think is “drippable.” And if it takes more than two bites to eat, don’t choose it.

6. Ask the experts
Never be afraid to ask your caterer what their most popular items are. It doesn’t mean you have to choose them, but it will give you a good perspective of what has been popular in the past and what will be a hit with your guests.

7. Food trends matter
Caviar at black-tie events; sliders at more casual ones — people love what they know and expect. Match your food to your formality, and then add some fun items. People are comfortable and happy when they get what they are expecting.

8. Always serve pigs in a blanket with mustard
You cannot loose with pigs in a blanket. Formal or informal, no matter the temperature outside, everyone is happy when they come by. They are the most popular item at every party!

How to Throw a Smokin’ 50th Birthday Party

A milestone deserves a special theme, doesn't it?

Wednesday, January 02, 2013| http://www.thedailymeal.com

Turning 50 is a milestone for everyone. It’s an opportunity to celebrate with family and good friends from different eras and significant times in your life by throwing a great party. Here, we take you through a 50th birthday party put together by New York Lux Events.

Throw a smokin’ bash for your 50th!

The guest list for this event was more than 200, and included a mix of people that were unrelated to each other. As the party was for a man who is both very social and low key, we decided to throw an open house in his apartment. This let a large number of people attend, made it warm and inviting by welcoming guests into his home, and also made it cost-effective.

The open house was held on a Friday night spanning four hours. Then, on Saturday night, 26 people continued the party at a private dinner with family, out-of-town guests, and very close friends in attendance. This also gave the celebration a level of intimacy.

The theme “Smokin’ 50th” was chosen because of the honoree’s affinity for a good cigar. It was fun, masculine, and represented him well. From the invitation forward, we ran with the theme. Food was presented in cigar boxes and wooden boards of all shapes and sizes. A humidor was stocked for guests to choose from.

To feed the large number of people anticipated, a buffet of cheeses, small sandwiches, and charcuterie was set up and replenished throughout the night. A separate dessert buffet held small bites of sweets. As the invitation asked guests to “stop by, raise a glass, smoke a cigar, and toast…” there was something for everyone regardless of when they came by or how long they stayed.

To streamline the bar, drinks were limited to prosecco and vodka with colorful mixers. Bartenders poured throughout the night, but guests could also help themselves to refills from other stations around the apartment. At the private dinner, each place setting had a Thank You box mimicking the invitation. It was filled with the birthday guy’s favorite treats — gummy bears and chocolate chips cookies.

Choose the Right Menu for Your Next Dinner Party

Pick one that lets you be a guest at your own event

Friday, December 21, 2012| http://www.thedailymeal.com

The key to a successful dinner party is a menu that lets the host and hostess be at ease, relaxed, and confident.

Choosing the right menu can make all the difference between having a wonderful night or being stressed and overworked.

So we have answered some common questions to help you choose the right dishes to serve .

Q:  I’ve invited people for dinner, what do I serve?

A:  First, remember what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. Do you like to make creative salads? Have you been complimented on your roast chicken? Do you love to bake? Decide on the one item that you are good at and make that the highlight of the meal.

Q:  I’ve decided I make a great quinoa and vegetable salad. Now what about the rest of the menu?

A:  Quinoa is a grain and therefore you need a vegetable and a protein. Since the quinoa is made on top of the stove, choose other items that go in the oven and microwave. Salmon can be baked in the oven and is wonderful when served at room temperature. Asparagus can be steamed in the microwave. Prepare the salmon well in advance and pop it in the oven to cook when your guests arrive — set the timer and just take it out when it buzzes. Right before asking your guests to sit down, put the asparagus into the microwave and it will be done when you are ready to eat.

Q:  What about the rest of the meal?

A:  Buy it! Cheeses, grapes, nuts, and crackers can be beautifully arranged well ahead of guests’ arrivals. If you want to have extended cocktail time, add sliced meats and jams and bread. Cheese should be served at room temperature, not cold, so it’s best when taken out of the refrigerator well in advance. Give guests enough to eat and drink in the beginning and skip the appetizer at the table — go straight to the entrée instead.

Q:  I don’t bake, what about dessert?

A:  Serve something no one would ever bake! Macarons are hot and fun. Cake pops are cool and trendy. Donuts everyone loves and no one buys for themselves. Or, get chocolate-dipped potato chips, drizzled popcorn, and pretzels and put into fun bowls in the center of the table. Everyone will be thrilled and it’s the easiest dessert ever!

How to Choose an Appropriate Entertaining Venue

Looking to entertain? Throwing a big party or wedding? How do you go about finding the right venue for your event

Friday, December 21, 2012| http://www.thedailymeal.com

Most people loose focus and their priorities once they start visiting spaces.

They spend too much time listening to their friends or they are decorating in their heads before asking basic questions. That’s where the trouble starts and many people end up with a space that just doesn’t work for them.

So we’ve answered some common questions to help you pick the perfect venue.

Q:  I’ve just gotten engaged. I want to find the perfect place to get married. Where do I start?

A:  Be smart, make a list…
• How many people will you invite? Make a list, don’t guess.
• What time of year do you want to wed?
• What style of party do you want to throw? Cocktails only? Sit-down dinner? Dancing? Or perhaps a combination of all three?
• Will there be people attending that need special attention? Hotel rooms? Elevators?
• Budget? Be realistic. Nothing goes down, everything goes up.

Q:  I’ve made my list. Now what?

A:  Start to identify spaces. Use the Internet. Look at your list. Do you need hotel rooms? Then look at hotels. Make your guests’ and your life easy. Once you have a list, it’s time to make calls.

Q:  What do I ask when I call?

A:  Start by asking if they have your date available and if they can accommodate the number of guests in the style of party you envision.

And don’t forget to ask these important questions…
• What is provided by the space and what do you need to provide?
• If your event is at night, is there an event during the day, and can you have the entire day for setup?
• What time can you get into the space, and is there an additional charge to get in early?
• Is there an additional charge for valet?
• Do you need to use their preferred vendors?
• What does their menu look like and what is included?
• Does their pricing include service?  Taxes?
• What are their audio-visual capabilities?

And don’t forget, you MUST have a food tasting!

Winter Wonderland

Tuesday, February 07, 2012| http://www.amberspiegel.blogspot.com

I recently had the privilege of working with NYLUX Events to create custom cookies for a winter wonderland themed Bat Mitzvah. These designs are based on a logo created by the company for the event.


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